New All Pharma is a leading supplier of many pharmaceutical brands all over Lebanon...      We are pleased to announce that NALP has attained the GSDP (Good Storage and Distribution of Pharmaceutical Products) Certificate awarded by MOPH   

About us

About us

New Allpharma (NALP) is one of the market leaders operating in import and distribution of pharmaceutical products in Lebanon and the Middle East, owning the agencies of large global companies. NALP was established in 2009 NALP relies on a hard working technical, scientific and administrative team, and strives to achieve the best results in any activity with our partners, suppliers or customers. NALP believes these attributes give the company its reputation, respect and appreciation towards all its stakeholders, and are crucial in building the productive and friendly atmosphere for our loyal team.

  • Vision
  • Mission
  • Corporate Values
  • Commitment Culture

New Allpharma s.a.r.l. strives to provide world class in trade, marketing and sales of pharmaceutical products & services, the infra-structure serving as the backbone to its customers, agents and other entities locally and abroad.

  1. To utilize thorough research and development process and strategic alliances in:
    1. Acquiring the latest world class pharmaceutical products, providing modern trends and practices in the pharmaceutical Industry through our affiliated scientific offices.
    2. Providing continuous professional developmental programs and rewarding career tracks to products and services, management and staff
    3. Intensifying the total quality management system in our company to meet legal and professional requirements and showcase the best practices for storage and distribution of pharmaceuticals.
  2. To work in focus and synergy as team with the management, employees and other business partners in meeting the standards of our customer satisfaction.

Committed Management & Ownership
Passion for Continuous Development
Value-based Relationship
Environmental Health & Safety Concern
Kindness & Generosity

  1. To our Trustees, in providing them with responsible business management and ownership aligned to their set of values and in compliance to the International and Local Accreditation standards
  2. To our Customers,
    1. in providing them with products and services that meets their requirements and deadlines, and towards Total Satisfaction
    2. in guiding and working with them towards continuous improvement of services by adapting the best pharmaceutical products
  3. To our Business Partners, in providing them with professional and value-based relationship that supports NALP business objectives and fulfilling our partners´ needs.
  4. To our People, in providing them with family yet professional team - like atmosphere, aimed to establish and guide them towards a rewarding career that supports personal and professional growth.
  5. To our Community, in providing social affair programs that will involve and expose NALP and its people to acts of kindness, charity and goodwill.
  6. To our Environment, in providing and implementing environment, health and safety programs intended to protect lives and ecological resources